Toddler Lesson Plan

Weekly Lesson Plan: Toddler Week 1 “Walking through the Jungle”

  Circle-Introduction to Number 9 -Read “Roar”-Read “Where the Wild Things Are”Read “The Animals on the Bus”Can we count to 9? -Read “Slowly, Slowly, Slowly said the sloth”-Read “Jazzy in the Jungle”
Creative ArtsDecorating MonkeysPaper plate LionsCreating Monkey facesDecorating ZebrasRainforest Parrots
  PM Group ActivityJungle VestDecorating number 9Tiger MasksPaper plate snakesCreating Elephants
  Whole LanguageWhat noises do animals in the jungle make?What animals live in the jungle?What do jungle animals eat?What does a jungle look like?Could we live in the jungle?
  Social StudiesWhat can we learn about jungle animals?Where in the world are jungles?Kids Music!  Cooking: Banana KrispiesShow and Tell: Letter 9/Something from the Jungle
  Science/SensorySink or Float: Jungle AnimalsShaving Cream Number 9Smell and explore with Leafy PlantsPlay dough: Jungle AnimalsWhat is Camouflage?
  Dramatic PlayPretending to walk through the junglePretending to be animals in their habitatActing out like monkeysPretending to hunt for animalsSlithering like snakes
  Math/ManipulativeAll about number 9Matching Animal printsCounting jungle animalsMatching jungle animalsCount the Bananas
  BlocksBuild a tree house!A Home For MonkeysStack by 9Build A JungleBuild a Jungle Path
  Music/Movement“Elephants Goes”“Monkey Says”“Five little Monkeys”“Monkey See, Monkey do”Jungle Dance Party!
  Outdoor LearningDo We see Jungle Animals?Acting like Jungle Animals at the Park!Do we see any 9’s by school?Gallop, Jump and Run like a Jungle AnimalI spy 9 All Around

Weekly Lesson Plan: Toddler Week 2 “Welcome to Summer”

  Circle-Introduction to Number 10 -Read “One Hot Summer Day”-Read “The Night Before Summer Vacation”Read “Clifford keeps cool”Can we count to 10? -Read “How I Spent My Summer Vacation”-Read “Mouse’s Fist Summer”
Creative ArtsIce Cream Cones!Creating Palm TreesWatermelon paper platesDecorating coffee filter sunsSunflower hand prints
  PM Group ActivityDecorating Number 10Surfing into summer!Creating a Beach sceneSummer FlowersSummer Collage
  Whole LanguageWhat is the weather like in the summer?What do we wear in the summer?What activities do we do in the summer?Is it still light out when we go to bed?What would we like to do on summer vacation?
  Social StudiesWhen is Summer?Different Seasons, Different clothesKids Music!  What do we wear in summer?  Show and Tell: Letter 10/Summer Theme
  Science/SensoryTouch and Feel Different Textured Sea ShellsSummer Sand Table!How Hot is the Sun?Water Table: Sail BoatsSoapy Water: Bugs in the summer
  Dramatic PlayPretending to go swimmingPretending to have an ice cream shopPretending to have a picnicPretending to build a sand castlePretending to fly kites
  Math/ManipulativeAll about number 10Count the Coconuts“How Many Scoops”Match the sail boatsIs 10 even or odd?
  BlocksBuild a sunBuild a BeachStack by 10Make an Ice Cream ConeBuild a Boat
  Music/MovementPlay: Pass the Sea ShellSing and Clap “Sand Castle”Sing and Clap “Mr. Sun”Number 10 Hopping!Feeling….. “HOT, HOT HOT”  
  Outdoor LearningLooking for number 10Shadow Tracing!Do we see any 10’s by school?Can You Hear Summer Sounds?I spy 10 All Around

Weekly Lesson Plan: Toddler Week 3 “Fabulous Fathers”

  Circle-Introduction to Number 11 -Read “Up on Daddy’s Shoulders”-Read “My Daddy Snores ”Read “Crocodaddy”Can we count to 11? -Read “Froggy’s Day with Dad”-Read “Me and My Dad”
Creative ArtsDecorating Neckties!Father’s Day CardsPainting a portrait of DadGreatest Dad TrophyIt’s a surprise!
  PM Group ActivityDecorating Number 11Handprint poemsBriefcase for dadSport CollageIt’s a surprise!
  Whole LanguageWhat does daddy look like?What is your favorite thing about dad?Is Dad Taller or Shorter than you?  What can you do special for dad?How do we celebrate father’s day?
  Social StudiesWhat does daddy look like?Where does Daddy work (look at a map)Kids Music!  Cooking: Father’s Day snack mixShow and Tell: Letter 11/Picture of Daddy
  Science/SensoryShaving Cream number 11Sink or Float: Keys, Cars and ToolsWhat tools are used for….Explore with different textured Neck TiesSink or Float: Sports Equipment
  Dramatic PlayDressing up like DaddyPretending to do yard workPretending to be like daddyPretending to wash a carFamily puppet show
  Math/ManipulativeAll about number 11Matching ToolsHow old do we think Daddy is?Sorting Same Colored TiesIs 11 even or odd?
  BlocksBuild a house for dadBuild a garage for daddy’s carBuild with legos: Daddy’s favorite colorBuild a tower for daddyStack by 11
  Music/MovementDancing in daddy shoesWave neck tie streamersDancing with daddy puppets“daddy’s workout”Dance Party!
  Outdoor LearningLooking for number 11Looking for Daddy’s in the parkDo we see any 11’s by school?Play Ball!I spy 11 All Around

Weekly Lesson Plan: Toddler Week 4 “Under the Sea”

  Circle-Introduction to Number 12 -Read “Sam at the Beach”-Read “Commotion in the ocean”Read “Ballyhoo Bay”Can we count to 12? -Read “Incredible Sea Creatures”-Read “Sharks, Dolphins and Whales ”
Creative ArtsDecorating Our class ocean!Hand print OctopusHand print CrabsTissue paper star fishTissue paper seaweed
  PM Group ActivityDecorating Number 12Class whale!Class Dolphin!Class treasure chest!Decorating seahorses!
  Whole LanguageWhat is the color of the ocean?Who lives in the ocean?Where can we find the ocean?Do we live by the ocean?What activities can we do by the beach?
  Social StudiesDo we live near the ocean?What is our favorite fish?Kids Music!  Cooking: Under the SeaJello Show and Tell: Letter 11/Under the Sea
  Science/SensoryShaving Cream number 12Salt and Freshwater animalsWhat do sea animals eat?Sink or Float: Sea AnimalsWaves in a Bottle
  Dramatic PlayPretending to crawl like a crabPretending to swim like a fishPretending to go surfingPretending to go scuba divingPretending to go fishing
  Math/ManipulativeAll about number 12I spy at the seashoreSea Horse MatchingHow long is a whale?Is 12 even or odd?
  BlocksBuilding a fish tankBuilding an oceanBuilding a home for our crabsBuilding a pierBuilding a treasure chest
  Music/MovementFISH.FISH.FISH.SHARKFishy Pokey!“I’m a Little Fishy”Number 12 hopping!Sing and Clap  “Down by the Bay”  
  Outdoor LearningLooking for number 12Do we see sea animals by school?Do we see any 12’s by school?Do we see any sea shells?I spy 12 All Around